Are You a Social Butterfly?

What type of social activities are you interested in seeing occur within the Farmwell Hunt Community? We are always open to new ideas. While a majority of our events are geared toward the children in our community, we are certainly open to conducting Adult-Oriented events if they can address the interests of a good cross-section of our community. A portion of your monthly HOA dues are used to fund a budget line specfically for "Social Committee" events. Of course, in order to hold these events, we do require volunteers to sponsor and coordinate such events. The Farmwell Hunt Community is always thankful to Charlotte & Jeremy Ferrigno, Barry & Elaine Milton, and their families for the efforts in conducting events that include the "Farmwell Egg Hunt", "the Summer Social", the "Fall Festival", and "Brunch with Santa". There are others who have also assisted with these efforts. So, if you have an idea, please share it with us... you can email Greg Luczyk at Suggestions should include the time and place for a proposed event, the type of activities to be conducted, and the name of an activity sponsor.  Thank you.