Autumn Leaves are Falling

 Now that Autumn is officially here, it is a key time to review the protocols for the accumulation, storage, and removal of leaves and other yard waste. HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE: Leaves must be placed in either a clear plastic bag or a brown recyclable yard waste bag. Leaves and branches MUST never be left in a loose pile. Branches must be cut down and tied with rope; otherwise, they will NOT be picked up by the trash company. THERE IS ONLY one day for the collection of leaves and yard waste: TUESDAY. All of this debris should be separate and distinct from your regular trash. You may place these on your curb on MOnday evening for pickup on Tuesday morning.

Please make a special note! If there is a SNOW EVENT on Tuesday, then the Yard Waste will be picked up on the following Tuesday. The trash company does not make a special run on Wednesday or the following trash collection day.