Bradford Pears - Friend or Foe?

The summer is here, and everyone loves to see those big white blooms on all of the Bradford Pear trees during the spring. Bradford trees look beautiful in the spring, but they have their issues. Their most significant issue is that they are subject to "sheering". This is a condition where a giant section of the tree simply separates from the main trunk of the tree. This occurs because Bradford Pears generally DO NOT Have a strong central trunk. Consequently, the tree becomes top heavy, high winds literally cause the tree to sheer. Once a quarter or a half of the tree sheers, it becomes very unbalanced and lopsided. This poses an even greater threat to passerbys, your home, and your car! In the fall of 2012, we held a successful campaign where we were able to collect the names of nearly 30 homeowners who were interested in either having their trees cut down or downsized. The names were subsequently forwarded to a contractor was who was able to give you a price break on the tree trimming. This fall (september-October 2013), we will hold a similar campaign. If you are interested in having your tree "balanced", pruned, or cut down - please submit your name, address, and email to In the subject line, write "BRADFORD PEARS". The HOA is NOT responsible for the cost of this service; however, we can obtain better rates by presenting the contractor with a list of interested homeowners. Back in November, I had my Bradford Pear removed, and there was a significant savings. Once again, if you are interested, please respond no later than August 31 2013. Consequently, your work can be scheduled for September and October.  Homeowners will be contacted by email, and they will receive an invoice by email once the work is completed. PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR TREE CAREFULLY. If the sidewalk is lifting up from the tree's roots, or the tree is approaching over 40 feet in height, it might be time to take action.