Burning Mad About that Spring Inspection Letter!!!

Did you recently receive a letter from the HOA regarding a non-compliance issue? ARE YOU STEAMING MAD!!!??? Are you enraged that your neighbor's house is a pigsty and wondering why YOU ARE BEING picked on. Please be aware that we used an outside party to conduct a fair and honrest evalutation of all homes. Never take it personally. Your best course of action is to address the issue by taking a before and after picture of the cited issue and then email us. The dates referenced in the violation letter are a guideline, and you can simply contact us if you require more time to locate a contractor to assist you in rectifying the issue. If the citation is nebulous, please contact wally.hunt@fsresidential.com or contact the First Service Support line at 703.385.1133 The WORST WAY to respond is by ignoring the letter. So: lets go over the protocol. FIRST: Review the Violation letter. If it is nebulous, contact us. SECOND: Update us with your status. If the violations are minor such as mowing the lawn or wiping out the weeds, do the before and after picture. If the violation is more serious such as replacing a shutter or painting house trim, tell us when you reasonably expect to rectify the issue or ask for an extension. THIRD: when the work is completed, send us a picture of the rectified condition. PLEASE NEVER ASSUME THAT WE ARE JUST WALKING AROUND THE NEIGHORHOOD and are automatically aware of your correction. Most critically, it is best to address this issue one-on-one with our Property Manager or Covenants Committee. Generally, our monthly HOA meetings are NOT the forum in which to address your grievance since this is a an open forum. The Covenants Committee meets separately. Furthermore, your lack of communication begins a "countdown" clock that can lead to a hearing and potential fines for non-compliance. So, please keep the channels of communication open.