Farmwell Hunt Parking District Approved

 Based on residents' efforts, Loudoun County officially approved a special parking district for the three VDOT owned streets located adjacent to the Broad Run High School. These THREE streets: Millay Court, Winthrop Court, and Howe Drive are now governed by a special parking ordinance that is ONLY in effect during school days. Between the hoursof 8AM to 4PM, parking on these streets will only be legal if a vehicle is displaying a parking permit. All effected residents of these three streets were mailed parking permits by the county, and the street signs will be installed soon. This residential parking zone required multiple reviews by both Loudoun County and the Virginia Department of Transportation. The parking restrictions were deemed necessary by a majority of residents due to unsafe conditions that resulted when Broad Run students were regularly parking on these streets. Unsafe conditions resulted included blocked driveways, narrow passages, and drag races. When enforcement begins, illegally parked vehicles will initially receive a warning; however, both ticketing and towing can occur.  Please note that if you should have any issues with this regulation, there WERE multiple county meetings plus a resident-generated petition where a majority of homeowners signalled their support for this ordinance. Enforcement of this ordinance will be by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department.