Farmwell Road Widening Project In Planning Stage!

As you may have heard, planning and engineering studies are now in progress for the widening of Farmwell Road from its present 4 lane configuration to 6 lanes in addition to paralleling bike paths. The entire stretch of road will be widened from its western terminus at Ashburn Road to its eastern terminus at Waxpool Road and Smith Switch Road. This is definitely on the Loudoun County construction list, so THIS WILL HAPPEN. Engineering and permitting will occur in 2016, and the effort will commence sometime in mid-2017. Based on our initial information, our frontage on Farmwell Road will be impacted. Our Farmwell Hunt Monuments at Hemingway Drive may have to be relocated and reconstructed. As the planning proceeds into 2017, your HOA Board will be involved in the planning process with VDOT to mitigate the impact on our community. Clearly, townhome owners adjacent to Farmwell will potentially face the greatest impact, and we will working with the Planning Board to explore the addition of berms and landscaping. At present, we do not have additional information to share with you. If you DO have concerns, you should contact our Loudoun County Supervisor Ralph Bouna or his assistant Dorri O'Brien. THe final project will reach completion in 2018. While that time may appear distant, the widening will cause some disruption, and you should stay tuned by reading updates from the County and getting on Ralph Bouna's newsletter distribution list.