Farmwell Road Widening Update

The County and VDOT sponsored a hearing regarding the widening of Farmwell Road. The hearing took place at the Broad Run High School on May 30 at 630PM. This was an opportunity to learn more about this $24 Million Project and its impact on the community. The event was very well attended with nearly 300 people... a majority of these residents were from Ashburn Village and Cameron Chase. Both Ron Meyer and Ralph Buona, Loundoun County Supervisors, were in attendance. Based on resident input, the County will revisit plans to completely widen the road to six lanes. Construction was not slated to begin till late 2019, but land surveys and right of way authorizations were in progress. While there may be some cause for elation, the official reworking of the project has not yet transpired. The master plan called for 6 lanes with biking paths on both the north and south side of the road. Additionally, major redesigns of the intersections at Ashburn Road, Ashburn Village Boulevard, and Smith Switch Road were planned. How any redesign effoit impacts all of the project is unknown. We will have to remain vigilant regarding changes made by VDOT and the County regarding this whole Project.