Hemingway Drive Safety Zone

Residents should be aware that there is a new Hemingway Drive "safety zone" that extends from Farmwell Road to the "Farmwell Hunt Signboard" just north of Sawyer Square. This area is marked with a yellow painted curb.  Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the numberof cars parking on Hemingway; many appear to be from neighboring communities. Cars were parking right up to the corners and obstructing the line of sight from vehicles exiting from both Sawyer and Clemens Terrace. Loudoun County regulations 480.06 that "no vehicle may park within 20 feet of an intersection". A large amount of traffic enters and exits from the Chesterbrook Day Care Center, and there have been frequent accidents on Hemingway attributable to "drivers in a rush". Residents are advised NOT to park along a yellow curb, and more critically to SLOW DOWN and obey the 25 MPH speed limit.