HOA Board Membership

Thank you to the "10%" who attended our Annual HOA Meeting in March. During that meeting, four Board members were re-elected for another three year term. They are Greg Luczyk - HOA President, Glynn James - HOA Vice-President, Laurie Keefe - HOA Secretary, and Barry Milton. Their new term commenced in March of 2016 and continue through February 2019. Thank you for all you do for our community. These board members join our other three board members: Ryan Timm, Carlos Alvarez, and Margaret Jeffries. In total, the Farmwell Hunt Community is served by these seven board members. Four board members are single family home residents, while three members are townhouse owners. So, we have a proportionate share of representation for our community. As always, we WELCOME volunteers to assist us with many other all volunteer activities. We especially are in need of helpers for our social activities. Please conatct greg Luczyk at farmwellprez@yahoo.com if you are interested in serving our community.