New Architectural Design Guidelines Adopted for Farmwell Hunt

After nearly a year's effort, the Covenants Commitee completed a new "Architectural Design Guidelines" document that replaces the original document that was put in place over 20 years ago at the inception of our community. At the June 28th 2017 HOA meeting, the Farmwell Hunt Board approved and adopted this new document. All residents may download the PDF version of this document. Simply access the top green menu at the upper right. Click on the item entitled "2017-2018 Design Guidelines". The document is approximately 50 pages in length, it is easy to read, and it provides critical information regarding your home, rules regulating exterior fixtures and features. and it even provides guidancde on colors for shutters and trim. You will also find a new version of the Architectural Modification form; this is the document that must be submitted to our Covenants Committee when you are planning work or modifications to the exterior of your home. This document is the culmination of a group effort to bring our guidelines into the 21st Century. The document is easy to read, and it provides critical guidance. This is a "MUST READ" prior to planning any exterior modification to your home's exterior.