Newsletter: All Electronic!

If you are wondering what happened to the Farmwell Hunt Monthly newsletter, it is still around but strictly in an all electronic medium. Each month, the newsletter is mailed to our 568 homeowners. If you did not receive the December 2013 Edition with the Annual Budget, then please contact us... it is quite possible that we have the wrong email address or you are a new member of the community. The newsletter is normally emailed in a PDF format during the first week of the month. You can address your request to The monthly newsletter is written by HOA President, Greg Luczyk, and it is electronically distributed by a great company with roots within our community. The newsletter keeps you up to date regarding events in our community in addition to addressing important issues like the Annual Budget, landscaping, improvements to our infrastructure, and other concerns. The newsletter is delivered in a PDF format, and it can easily be read from your Smart Phone or laptop! Switching to an electronic format has helped the community to eliminate approimately $15,000 in annual printing and postage costs, and it was a format that many of our homeowners wanted.