Parking Enforcement Autumn 2014

  Thinking about parking along a yellow curb or adjacent to a fire hydrant? Too frazzled to make a U-turn in that cul-de-sac. Enjoy parking in the wrong direction along the curb? Well, watch out! During the last few months, residents have been quite blatant about violating critical parking regulations that ensure that emergency vehicles can make ot safely down our streets. Strict enforcement procedures will commence - these include TOWING and TICKETING. Please beware! Residents located on Clements and Twain Terrace are especially egregious in committing numerous parking violations. Alert your guests that there is plentiful parking all along Hemingway Drive. The preferred place to park is on the WESTBOUND side of the street (facing south towards Faulkner Parkway) along the white picket fence. All offenders receive one warning... a RED violation sticker will be placed on your windshield. After that, a second violatuon will result in the towing of your vehicle. You are then responsible for the costs for releasing your car from the impound lot. Think twice about violating parking regulations.