Ralph Buena, County Supervisor, Addresses Community

On Thursday January 26, Ralph Buena - the new Loudoun County Board of Supervisors representative for the Ashburn district - addressed our community at the Annual HOA meeting. Issues that were discussed include the new Elementary School # 22, traffic on Waxpool, property taxes, and the Metro Silver Line.Schools: Elementary School #22 is funded and the school will literally be footsteps from our community adjacent to the property occupied by Fuddruckers, IHOP, and Bertucci's. The good news is that the school is on target for opening in the Fall of 2013. While the Board of Supervisors makes decisions regarding funding and location, it has no say in the redistricting process. That decision will be made by the Loudoun County Board of Education. Stay tuned or contact the Board of Education to make  your wishes known.Traffic: Relief is NOT on the way. Right now the focus is on eliminating traffic signals on Route 7 and on creating new North-South Corridors such as  the completion of the Loudoun County Parkway from Route 7 to Route 50. The completion of a new east-west corridor is best accomplished by extending Gloucester Parkway from its termination point at Loudoun County Parkway and connecting it with Nokes Blvd. Meanwhile, the leadership at the Greenway refuses to budge on creating a tolling price structure that does not discriminate against residents such as ourselves who would only like to use it for a short distance (up to Exit 7: Route 772). The Austrailian owners outright refuse to even entertain any suggestions for changing the pricing structure to distance tolling.Property Taxes: Support of our schools constitutes 68% of Loudoun's budget, so if you are looking for quality schools, expect taxes to continue rising. The new Board is looking at everything from a business perspective.  There is definitely a commitment to closely examining all options and not raising taxes if possible.Metro Silver Line: This is a big unknown! Some Supervisors support it - others are ambivalent. Over 70% of the funding for the extension of the Silver Line from Tysons to Ashburn will come from revenue derived from tolls on the Route 267 Toll Road. The currently proposed toll structure for the near future sees tolls going up to over $10 ONE WAY to get from Route 28 to the Beltway and Tysons Corner. (That does not include your ride on the Greenway.) If that makes you angry, it is time to talk to our reps in Richmond. The Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority is not being very responsive to local and state leadership!