Red Alert! Post Lantern Alert!

Post Lantern Alert! Before you go to bed this evening, step outside - enjoy the warm evening breeze, and take a look at your outside lighting fixtures. If you are a townhome owner, take a CLOSE look at your Post Lantern. Is the brass fixture completed oxized and rust-like in appearance? Is the light working? Be forewarned, if either the fixture is rusted or not operating, you will receive a citation during the month of April. For the townhome owners, the Post Lantern is the primary form of lighting within the community. For the safety of evening walkers, every townhome should have an operating light fixture. Additionally, in order to maintain the appearance of our community, it is critical that these light fixtures be physically attractive. Fixtures adjacent to the garage door and primary entryway to the houseshould should be: 1: Intact with all glass panes, 2: In operating condition, and 3: Not contain any physical signs of oxidation and rust. Single family residences should also check the  condition of their light fixtures. Also note that if you are a townhome owner, this website contains information about replacements for the post lantern - do not pick any make or model. Spring inspections will begin shortly, so please address these issues now. Thank you!