SEE Something! SAY Something!

During the past year, we have had an outbreak of vandalism around the clubhouse area. WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you see something, please say something. You can reach out to our Loudoun County Community Officer, Deputy Lattrivette Young, who is ready and willing to speak to you in confidence. You can contact Deputy Young at, or if you are not comfortable speaking to the Sheriff's Department, you can email me at farmwellprez@yahoo.comWe have installed four security cameras at each corner of the Clubhouse; however, we have not been able to identify the perpetrators. During the month, we have had several acts of vandalism occur: large landscaping rocks were thrown into the pool area, graffitti was placed on the kids playground, the sprinkler heads around the clubhouse were removed, and a large beach chair was thrown on top of the tennis court fence. All of these actions are destroying community property, and these acts are costing the HOA money. If these acts continue, this will translate to an increase in our monthly HOA dues to cover the mounting expenses.So, please do not look the other way if you see inappropriate behavior taking place. Thank you!!!