NEW Pool Access Registration Process!!!!

The Farmwell Hunt community pool is provided to community residents and their guests only. This year, we have new lifeguards on duty and an agent checking ID’s to allow access to the pool. We are also using an online registration and virtual ID process for access – this means NO MORE PHYSICAL CARDS to lose!
All homeowners interested in using the pool must complete an online registration. Sign up and register using:

This is a multi-step process:
1) Sign up as a “new member”, using the GREEN box
• Once you enter your basic information, it is sent to property management/pool administrator to confirm that you are a community resident
• You will receive a text/email once your information has been validated. At this time, your registration is PENDING.
2) After you receive your email, return to: using the BLUE box “ALREADY REGISTERED” and enter your credentials to get your unique PIN
a. You will receive a PIN via text and email. Enter the PIN to continue the process.
b. You will be taken to the POOL REGISTRATION page:
o Register every member of your household
o You may register nannies or babysitters that need access to the pool to supervise your family members.
3) Once you have entered your information, your registration is still PENDING, and sent to the pool administrator/property manager for final approval.
4) You will receive confirmation email to notify you when your registration has been ACCEPTED.
5) At your first visit to the pool, a member of the management company/BOD or on-duty lifeguard will take your photo, to accompany your registration.
After this process is complete, your access to the pool for the remainder of the season will be quite simple. No pass is required – just check-in with the lifeguard by providing your name, and they will be able to access your “virtual ID card” and photo and allow access to the pool. This new process takes the place of the old pool pass system.
Guests: Adults may bring up to 4 guests at each visit; children aged 12 – 17 may bring up to 2 guests at each visit.
Renters: please provide proof of residency (license, current utility bill) to HOA Manager or with the lifeguard at the clubhouse to register.
If you have any questions or issues when registering, please contact our Pool Administrator and BOD member Laurie Keefe at OR HOA manager, Bethany Morales, at