Annual May 1 HOA Meeting

On May 1, the Farmwell Hunt HOA will hold their Annual Meeting. Your participation in this annual event is absolutely critical. 568 proxy forms were mailed out to all homeowners. Normally, 90% of our homeowners simply discard these proxies. Then, a few months later, we receive complaints about the Board not being responsive. People complain about items such as the tennis court; others wonder why we do not sponsor Southern Living events in the clubhouse. Your proxy is your voice of opportunity. When people do not participate in the democratic process, then the decisions how to run the community are left in the hands of 7 people. We do our best to keep the community in top shape; however, the budget drives our decisions and priorities. Please try your best to attend the Annual Meeting. It will be held on Wednesday May 1 at 7PM. To accommodate everyone, it is held at the Broadlands Community Church. This church is located within the boundaries of our community at the intersection of Hemingway Drive and Faulkner Parkway. If you have discarded your proxy, you can download it from our website under "Farmwell Hunt Documents and Forms". Thank you!