Recap of Farmwell Hunt May 1 Annual Meeting

A Special Note of Thanks!
I want to extend a special a note of thanks to all of you who took time from your busy schedules to attend the Annual Farmwell Hunt HOA meeting that was held at the Broadlands Community Church. Additionally, many thanks to both those of you who submitted their proxies and to those who walked door to door collecting proxies.
Here is a “A to H” recap of the Meeting:
A: Attendance. The meeting held on May 1 had the highest attendance in the 20+ year history of the Farmwell Hunt community. It was a great opportunity to get your input and to share our strategic vision for the community for the next 10 years and beyond. Yes, we are looking at how our community will look in 2030!
B: Budget: Year after year, our budget consistently comes in at target typically running a small surplus which helps to build our reserves which represent approximately 1 million dollars for future capital improvements. In 2019, we had the first increase in our monthly dues from $99 to $109 to meet our reserve requirements as cited within our audited financial statements.
C: Covenants: We clearly have to improve our enforcement of our covenants to appear more consistent and fairer to all our homeowners. Our regular inspector is no longer with First Service, and consequently, we will have to work with a new resource and educate them regarding our standards.
D: Developers: The Morley Corner Data Center is dead; the efforts of many went to creating a clear message to the developer that this monstrosity would be an unwelcome neighbor. Pending County review and zoning modifications, new high-density housing is targeted in the triangular piece of land bounded by Shellhorn, Waxpool, and Ashburn adjacent to the “In and Out” convenience store and bordering Bronte Place.
E: Election: Three of our incumbents – Greg Luczyk, Glynn James, and Laurie Keefe were reelected to a new three-year term. Former Board Member Jim Gandhi rejoins us. A special thanks to Devendra, Lucy, and Parag for stepping up to running in this election and sharing your vision with us. Extra special thanks to Barry Milton for his decade of service to our community.
F: Flowers: Flowers and landscaping are headed up by Ann Barrett who is working with our new contractor Landcare to enhance our community’s external appearance. As a Virginia Master Gardener, Ann is providing Farmwell Hunt with the leadership and vision to guide our landscaping initiatives.
G: Gratitude: Special thanks to the First Service Team – Bethany and Maureen - for coordinating the meeting and tabulating the election results. A note of gratitude to Pastor Wallace and Carlos Alvarez for the use of the Broadlands Community Church. An additional thank you to Brendan Bunn, our legal counsel, for his oversight of our meeting to assure the validity and integrity of the proceedings. And once again, thanks to all who attended.
H: Help: We are always in need of new volunteers. Our committee to investigate options and alternatives for our pool is in the formation process. Volunteering for this effort will require a substantial commitment of time since it potentially represents the most significant financial commitment in our community’s history. Based on two engineering studies, the structural issues associated with the pool will require action. If you have an interest, please contact me at
That’s a wrap up of the meeting!
Greg Luczyk
President, Farmwell Hunt HOA