Yard Waste - 2017 Guidelines

There is only way to dispose of yard waste - thats by bundling and bagging it! Farmwell Hunt residents CAN NOT simply dump loose leaves, branches, and mown grass in a pile on the curb. If you do, IT WILL NOT BE PICKED UP and you WILL receive a citation. Trees branches should be trimmed down and tied together with twine while all other yard waste should be placed in clear plastic bags or biodegradable brown bads that are commoinly available at Home Depot and Lowes.

Are You a Social Butterfly?

What type of social activities are you interested in seeing occur within the Farmwell Hunt Community? We are always open to new ideas. While a majority of our events are geared toward the children in our community, we are certainly open to conducting Adult-Oriented events if they can address the interests of a good cross-section of our community. A portion of your monthly HOA dues are used to fund a budget line specfically for "Social Committee" events. Of course, in order to hold these events, we do require volunteers to sponsor and coordinate such events.

Hemingway Drive Safety Zone

Residents should be aware that there is a new Hemingway Drive "safety zone" that extends from Farmwell Road to the "Farmwell Hunt Signboard" just north of Sawyer Square. This area is marked with a yellow painted curb.  Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the numberof cars parking on Hemingway; many appear to be from neighboring communities. Cars were parking right up to the corners and obstructing the line of sight from vehicles exiting from both Sawyer and Clemens Terrace. Loudoun County regulations 480.06 that "no vehicle may park within 20 feet of an intersection".

Farmwell Road Widening Project In Planning Stage!

As you may have heard, planning and engineering studies are now in progress for the widening of Farmwell Road from its present 4 lane configuration to 6 lanes in addition to paralleling bike paths. The entire stretch of road will be widened from its western terminus at Ashburn Road to its eastern terminus at Waxpool Road and Smith Switch Road. This is definitely on the Loudoun County construction list, so THIS WILL HAPPEN. Engineering and permitting will occur in 2016, and the effort will commence sometime in mid-2017.

HOA Board Membership

Thank you to the "10%" who attended our Annual HOA Meeting in March. During that meeting, four Board members were re-elected for another three year term. They are Greg Luczyk - HOA President, Glynn James - HOA Vice-President, Laurie Keefe - HOA Secretary, and Barry Milton. Their new term commenced in March of 2016 and continue through February 2019.

Literary Lanes

What do Robert Ludlum, Mark Twain, William Faulkner all have in common? All of these people are literary authors with streets within the boundaries of our community. In fact, all thirty-seven of the streets within the  Farmwell Hunt community refer to an author, poet or writer.

Summer 2016 Parking Update

A special reminder to all homeowners... Hemingway Drive IS the primary place to park for all visitors and guests. This street is open to all privately owned vehicles. Note that Loudoun County and VDOT do not allow the overnight parking of commercial vehicles on these streets. All vehicles should be parked parallel to the curb, and the passenger side of the vehicles MUST be adjacent to the curb. Vehicles must be at least 5 feet away from any street corner or fire hydrant. HIgh enforcemet of these regulations will occur in the Summer, so please be mindful of all regulations.


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