New Pool Operating Hours

The pool is now closed for the season. However, for the Summer of 2015, the pool will have new operating hours. During weekdays the pool will be open from 11AM to 9PM. This gives people who work during the day, an extra hour to enjoy the pool. These hours will apply on the weekdays once the Loudoun County Schools are closed.  

New Pool Pass Distribution Method

In an effort to cut down on Mailing Costs, there will be a new mechanism for the distribution of pool passes. FIRST AND FOREMOST, YOUR POOL PASSES from last year will still be valid, So do not throw them away. However, a "2014 DECAL" must be affixed to the Pool Pass. THESE WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AT THE CLUBHOUSE during pool operating hours. If you have lost your pool passes or are a new resident, you must email us at POOLPASS.DCMETRO@FSRESIDENTIAL.COM; please note that new passes WILL NOT be distributed at the clubhouse.

Farmwell Egg Hunt: 4.05.2014

The Annual Farmwell Egg is tentatively scheduled for Saturday April 5, 2014. Similar to years past, we will have eggs distributed around the clubhouse grounds. Each plastic egg will be filled with candy. However, approximately a dozen eggs will be filled with a special token that will be eligible for trade-in for a Target Gift Card. The hunt should begin at 11am followed by food and candy in the clubhouse. Additionally, the Easter Bunny will make a special appearance, and there will be an opportunity for photos with the Bunny. This egg hunt, itself, is open to kids from toddler to 12.

Newsletter: All Electronic!

If you are wondering what happened to the Farmwell Hunt Monthly newsletter, it is still around but strictly in an all electronic medium. Each month, the newsletter is mailed to our 568 homeowners. If you did not receive the December 2013 Edition with the Annual Budget, then please contact us... it is quite possible that we have the wrong email address or you are a new member of the community. The newsletter is normally emailed in a PDF format during the first week of the month.

SEE Something! SAY Something!

During the past year, we have had an outbreak of vandalism around the clubhouse area. WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you see something, please say something. You can reach out to our Loudoun County Community Officer, Deputy Lattrivette Young, who is ready and willing to speak to you in confidence.

Bradford Pears - Friend or Foe?

The summer is here, and everyone loves to see those big white blooms on all of the Bradford Pear trees during the spring. Bradford trees look beautiful in the spring, but they have their issues. Their most significant issue is that they are subject to "sheering". This is a condition where a giant section of the tree simply separates from the main trunk of the tree. This occurs because Bradford Pears generally DO NOT Have a strong central trunk. Consequently, the tree becomes top heavy, high winds literally cause the tree to sheer.

Autumn Leaves

With Autumn just upon us, it is critical to reiterate some basic rules regarding leaves and tree limbs. You CANNNOT simply leave dead tree limbs and leaves on your sidewalk or street. Just recently, one townhome owner left a large 6 foot long tree branch in the street and it sat there for four weeks. Leaves must be gathered and placed in bags - they MUST be placed for collection on TUESDAYS only since these are considered RECYCLABLES. Tree limbs and branches must be cut and bundled.


Red Alert! Post Lantern Alert!

Post Lantern Alert! Before you go to bed this evening, step outside - enjoy the warm evening breeze, and take a look at your outside lighting fixtures. If you are a townhome owner, take a CLOSE look at your Post Lantern. Is the brass fixture completed oxized and rust-like in appearance? Is the light working? Be forewarned, if either the fixture is rusted or not operating, you will receive a citation during the month of April. For the townhome owners, the Post Lantern is the primary form of lighting within the community.

Farmwell Hunt Parking District Approved

 Based on residents' efforts, Loudoun County officially approved a special parking district for the three VDOT owned streets located adjacent to the Broad Run High School. These THREE streets: Millay Court, Winthrop Court, and Howe Drive are now governed by a special parking ordinance that is ONLY in effect during school days.


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