Farmwell Hunt Updates

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CMC | Associa Awarded HOA Contract

After a comprehensive review of our 10 years with First Service Management, the Board submitted a "Request for Proposal" in search of a new Property Management Company. One of our dedicated board members - Jim Gandhi - spearheaded the effort. Each Board member participated in reviewing the Vendor proposals, and subsequently, interviews were conducted with the prospective companies. Based on the promised level of services and pricing, the Board unanimously selected CMC | Associa as the new Property Management Company. CMC is headquartered in Chantilly, and it a part of a larger organization known as Associa. The contract goes into effect on July 1.

What does this mean for you the homeowner? You will receive a mailing that will provide you will new points of contact in addition to new payment information. Most critically, you will have the option to install a new application on your smartphone that will provide you with a much more effective way of communication with the Property Management Company. The app will make a significant difference of informing you of your Due Account balance and your violations. You will be asked to provide email contact information as all of the old contact information will not be brought over into the Smart App. Stay tuned for this critical information in the month of June.


Sunday 7PM: Leave out large Republic trash containers.
Monday AM: Trash is collected. Yard Waste is collected.
Wednesday 7PM: Leave out Republic trash container and recyclables.
Thursday AM: Trash & Recyclables collected.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not leave the trash curbside prior to 7PM. Homeowners who do not comply will be cited and fined.

Your monthly HOA dues cover the cost of trash collection in our community. All trash must be placed in garbage totes that are provided by the Vendor Republic. Large blue totes are for your regular garbage. You can place your garbage at the curb on Sunday and Wednesday evenings after 7PM. Under normal operating conditions, the trash is collected on Monday and Thursday mornings between the hours of 7AM and 10AM. Recyclables are only collected once a week on Thursday between the hours of 10AM and 3PM. Recyclables include paper and glass. These items MUST BE placed in the BLUE totes. Yard waste including dead branches and leaves are collected at the same time as Recyclables. THEY ARE NEVER placed in either a green or blue tote. Instead, store and bind them in a brown yard waste bag or a clear plastic bag.  Garbage collection is SUSPENDED during SNOW EVENTS; typically, this is when the snow accumulation is more than 5 inches in depth. In that case, retrieve your totes from the curb and store them in the garage until the next regularly scheduled trash collection day. Loudoun County regularly schedules HAZARDOUS WASTE collection dates. You must bring hazardous waste to these collection sites- including any chemicals, liquids, paints, and car batteries. REPUBLIC WILL NOT pick up hazardous waste. Check the Loudoun County website for a definition of hazardous waster materials. NOTE: All Republic blue totes MUST BE STORED in YOUR GARAGE. It is NEVER acceptable to store your garbage totes outside. YOU WILL BE CITED by the HOA if your garbage totes are stored outside.

Monthly HOA 2020 Dues

Summertime Salutations and Greetings. Please note that effective in January 2020, the monthly HOA dues are $109. These dues are payable on the FIRST DAY of the month. Your dues are payable to The Farmwell Hunt HOA. To avoid interest charges and a late payment penalty of $15, please insure that the dues are paid to be received by our bank lock box on the FIRST of the month. The remittance address will change effective July 1 2020. Thank you.


Are you making an architectural improvement to your home or landscaping? If so, you must complete an Architectural Modification Form. Please sign in to your TownSq account to access the application from the "Documents" tab.



With a new Sheriff in place, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department has restructured itself, and we have access to a Community Resource Deputy who we can contact to discuss potential issues. Deputy Robert Thomasson is one of those resources  who we can use to address concerns. For non-emergency situations, he may be reached by e-mailing at [email protected];     Deputy Thomasson is stationed at the 45299 Research Place Station.



Yes there really is an official Post Lantern for the  exterior of your Townhouse. If you have received a citation for a damaged fixture or are looking to replace the  current fixture, access: "Residents: Forms and Documents" for links to the official light fixture. Or via this link: 



All VDOT owned streets are assigned a 4-digit street number. Use this number when corresponding to VDOT regarding streets repairs, potholes, and other unsafe road conditions. This signage is affixed to a pole at the nearest intersection.


So why are strange people meeting in the woods in the early morning? Are they watching the migration pattern of the exotic RED squirrel? And why is that car trolling thru the neighborhood each morning at 3AM. It certainly isn't the Washington Post Delivery Boy. If you see something that looks suspicious then please say something. Your best bet is to contact the Sheriff's Department. If you don't make the call when the action is taking place, NOTHING will happen. E-mailing the HOA or putting your inquiry on "Nextdoor.Com" won't see the problem. If you consistently see strange behavior occurring, then please be a part of the Neighborhood Crime Watch: Contact the Authorities. We want Farmwell Hunt to be a safe place for everyone, but it won't happen without YOUR HELP!