Fun Facts About the Community's Street Names

What do Robert Ludlum, Mark Twain, William Faulkner all have in common? 

All of these people are literary authors with streets within the boundaries of our community. In fact, all thirty-seven of the streets within the  Farmwell Hunt community refer to an author, poet or writer. We call our streets "The Literary Lanes of Ashburn", and this aspect distinguishes our community from the many developments within Ashburn.  To learn about all 37 of the authors within our community, press more and try to identify the one street that is named after a fictional character.

Street Name

Named After

Literary References…

Abbot Place

George Abbot

A 17th Century British writer also known as “The Puritan”.

Bronte Place

Charlotte Bronte

The 19th Century British writer; her best known work is “Jane Eyre”.

Carson Court

Rachel Carson

A marine biologist and writer, this 20th century author wrote about the sea. “Silent Spring”.

Cather Court

Willa Cather

This Pulitzer prize winning author is best known for “O! Pioneers”& “Song of the Lark”.

Catton Place

Bruce Catton

A historic writer known for his “Army of the Potomac” trilogy and other Civil War books.

Channing Court

William Channing

A 19th century historical writer; he authored the epic 6 volume “History of the United States”.

Clancy Terrace

Tom Clancy

Contemporary author of thrillers including “A Clear & Present Danger”, “Red October”, and “Sum of All Fears”.

Clemens Terrace

Samuel Clemens

The real name of the author known as Mark Twain.

Crane Court

Stephen Crane

Novelist and short story writer, best known for “The Red Badge of Courage”.

Downing Court

William Downing

A 19th century writer and landscape designer, he was the editor of The Horticulturist Magazine.

Faulkner Parkway

William Faulkner

20th Century Pulitzer writer of “The Sound and the Fury, “As I Lay Dying”,& “Light in August”

Fitzgerald Drive

F. Scott Fitzgerald

The writer of short stories and novels most notably “The Great Gatsby”.

Frost  Court

Robert Frost

Pulitzer winning American poet and playwright.

Haley Court

Alex Haley

Writer of the “Roots” Saga.

Haley Terrace

Alex Haley

Writer of the “Roots” Saga.

Harte Court

Bret Harte

An American author and poet who wrote stories of pioneering in California.

Hansberry Terrace

Lorraine Hansberry

Author and playwright best known for “A Raisin in the Sun”.

Hemingway Drive

Ernest Hemingway

Classic novelist; writer of “The Old Man and the Sea”.

Howe Drive

Daniel Howe

An American Historian and author of “The Transformation of America: 1815-1848”.

Keane Court

Bill Keane

A writer of sorts; author of the syndicated comic strip series “Family Circus”.

Kouros Court

Yiannis Kouros

A Greek writer of melodies and poems; also a world renown ultra marathon runner.

London Way

Jack London

Social activist and writer most known for “A Call of the Wild”.

Ludlum Court

Robert Ludlum

American writer of 25 thriller-espionage novels including the “Bourne Trilogy”

McCullough Court

Christine McCullough

Australian author best known for “The Thorn Birds”.

Millay Court

Edna St. Vincent Millay

A writer of poetry; she was the first woman to win the Pulitzer for poetry.

Michener Drive

James Michener

Author of epic historical novels including “Chesapeake”, “Centennial”, and “Alaska”.

Mitchell Court

Margaret Mitchell

Famed author of Civil War classic “Gone to the Wind”.

Raymond Way

Derek Raymond

The pen name of a British crime writer, Robert Cook.

Sandburg Square

Carl Sandburg

A Pulitzer prize author known for poetry.

Sawyer Square

Tom Sawyer

The only street not named after an author; Mark Twain’s fictional character.

Steinbeck Square

John Steinbeck

Classic author; writer of: “The Grapes of Wrath”.

Twain Terrace

Mark Twain

The “pen” name of Samuel Clemens author of “Huckleberry Finn” and “Mark Twain”.

Trowbridge Square

John Townsend Trowbridge

A 19th century fiction writer who wrote an anti-slavery novel and many children’s books.

Webster Court

Noah Webster

In 1806, Webster published his first dictionary.

Welty Court

Eudora Welty

A 20th century author known for her short stories about the South. “The Optimist’s Daughter”.

Woodworth Ct

Sam Woodworth

18th century writer, poet, and playwright.

Winthrop Court

John Winthrop

Governor of Massachusetts and author of Puritan writings.